Operating from our office in Dundee, John Duguid Partnership provide construction services to a wide range of clients throughout mainland Scotland, Shetland and the Western Isles.

We are active over a range of sectors including social housing, private housing, healthcare, education, commercial and industrial.

In addition we provide a range of services in relation to the conversion, conservation and repair of existing properties, including historic buildings.

John Duguid Partnership are a customer driven practice and our aim at all times is to provide a focused service which addresses the needs of our clients.

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Quantity Surveying

Services provided by the practice include:

  • Assisting clients to determine initial requirements and develop the brief
  • Providing cost control advice at all stages of the design and construction process
  • Preparing initial budget estimates and detailed cost plans
  • Advising on procurement options
  • Advising on tendering and contract arrangements, including selection of prospective tenderers
  • Preparing bills of quantities or other pricing documents
  • Checking and reporting on tenders
  • Preparing recommendations for interim payments to the contractor
  • Preparing regular financial statements throughout the contract period
  • Valuing variations and agreeing the final account with the contractor
  • Advising on costs in use
  • Preparing bills of quantities for building contractors tendering for design & build projects

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Employer's Agent / Project Monitor Services

Acting on behalf of a client in relation to "Design and Build" projects, the services provided by the practice include:

  • Consulting with the client and preparing the "Employer's Requirements"
  • Checking the "Contractor's Proposals" and ensuring compatibility with the "Employer's Requirements"
  • Preparing contract documentation
  • Checking contractor's payment applications
  • Preparing regular financial statements throughout the contract period
  • Agreeing the cost of variations and agreeing the final account with the contractor
  • Providing Project Monitor Services for Primary Care Centres and Trust Developments through third-party developer schemes

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CDM Co-ordination Services

Unless they are a domestic client, anyone having construction or building work carried out has legal duties under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM 2007).

John Duguid Partnership provide CDM Co-ordination services to advise and assist clients with their CDM duties on notifiable projects.

Services provided include:

  • Advising the client on the competence and suitability of consultants and contractors
  • Helping to identify possible risks in design and providing advice to designers on possible alternatives
  • Co-ordinating the arrangements for health and safety during the planning phase
  • Checking and approving the Principal Contractor's Health and Safety Policy Statement
  • Checking and approving the Principal Contractor's Health and Safety Plan and Method Statements
  • Developing the Health and Safety Plan over the contract duration
  • Notifying the Health and Safety Executive
  • Preparing Pre-Construction Information
  • Preparation of the Health and Safety File

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Insurance Revaluation and Loss Assessment etc

Services provided include:

  • Assessment of replacement costs of buildings for insurance purposes, including historic buildings
  • Loss assessment in relation to damage to property due to fire, flood etc and organisation of reconstruction, including liaising with the loss adjuster

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Dispute Resolution

John Duguid Partnership may be called upon to act in the following roles:

  • As independent referee in the settlement of contractual disputes
  • As independent expert in the settlement of contractual disputes

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General Reports & Condition Surveys etc

Services provided include the preparation of:

  • General property condition reports
  • Estimates of repair and maintenance works
  • Tender documentation for repair and maintenance works

In addition, we can provide a project management service for the implementation of remedial works to existing properties.

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Planned Maintenance Procedures

Services include:

  • Advising on costs in use of materials
  • Preparation of planned maintenance procedures for housing stock
  • Guidance on financial provision for restoration and maintenance costs
  • Organisation of contracts for planned maintenance

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